Uganda 2019
(26th - 29th November, 2019)

    About the Conference

    About the Conference

Conference on Public Health - Uganda 2019
26th - 29th November, 2019
"Resources Development and Management for Effective Delivery of Public Health Services in Africa"


The African institute of Public Health Professionals (AIPHP) is a continental assembly of healthcare Professionals of diverse disciplines and cultural identities bounded with the determination to reduce the burden of diseases thereby Promoting health and well-being in the continent. With strong membership presence spread across African countries, we are driven by shared commitment to promote public health professionalism, collaborative scientific research, shaping health policy agenda and strengthening of healthcare system of Africa towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Conference sub-themes

  • Health planning & Development.
  • Health Care financing
  • Program monitoring & Evaluation.
  • Manpower Development & Training.
  • Mobilizing community for actions
  • Social & Cultural aspect of resources.
  • Political & economic factors in resources development & mobilization.
  • Ethical issues
  • Universal Health coverage
  • ICT skills and applications.
  • Regulations, licencing & certifications.

Expected Results from the Conference

  1. To identify & address the myriad of problems and challenges militating against resources mobilization and management for effective delivery of public health services.

  2. To stimulate and drive research in the areas of human and non-human resources in public health delivery.

  3. To engender effective networking among the public health Professionals, health care instructions and organizations.

  4. Create strategic partnership and alliances for Africa's health policy and development agenda towards attainment of sustainable development goals.

  5. Promotion of rational utilization of health care resources and technology.

  6. To unravel political, cultural, social and ethical issues associated with health care development and deployment in the African context.

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